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Criminal Aspect

  • Criminal complaint Under section 498A of Indian Penal Code, 1860 and its proceeding before CAW cell

Civil Aspect

  • Petition for Divorce under various grounds as per Hindu marriage Act viz.
  • Petition on the ground of mutual consent
  • Petition on the ground of Contested Divorce
  • Petition on the ground of cruelty
  • Petition on the ground of Desertion
  • Petition on the ground of impotency
  • Petition on the ground of adultery
  • Petition for Custody of children under provisions of HMA, 1955
  • Application for seeking Interim maintenance and expenses by wife
  • Application for restitution of conjugal rights
  • Suit for partition of the joint property owned jointly by husband and wife


  • Marriage certificate
  • Four passport size photographs of the marriage of husband and wife
  • Evidence proving spouses are living separately since more than a year
  • Evidence relating to the failed attempts of reconciliation
  • Income tax statements for the last 2-3 years
  • Details of profession and present remuneration
  • Information relating to family background
  • Details of properties and other assets owned by the petitioner

Frequently Asked Questions

A legal notice must state in detail the nature of disputes. You must provide all the necessary details relating to the names of people involved, their addresses, contact information, grievance caused, date and time when the grievance was caused, previous attempts of contacting the person or company for resolving the dispute, and any document or evidence in relation with the dispute. In this notice, you have to fix a specific time limit within which the opposite party has to act. Preferably it should be 15-30 days because it gives the opposite party ample time to act and respond to the notice. For example, in case the dispute is with regard to non-payment of money, the legal notice must state all facts related to goods and services supplied, bills\/ invoices raised, due date and the total payable amount. The legal notice must also state in how much time the payment is to be made which is usually 15-30 days.

Generally, sending a legal notice settles many disputes. In most cases, it is found that a legal notice has prompted the partner\/ spouse to take immediate action within the time limit provided, without the necessity to take the matter to the court. Legal notices have played a very important role here. It all depends on how the notice is drafted the focus is on resolving the issue at hand and not to create tension.

A legal notice is usually sent by an advocate on the behalf of his\/her client. Although it is not mandatory for a person to send a legal notice through an advocate, it is advised that it is sent after taking legal assistance and through a lawyer. Once a legal notice is sent, you cannot make any amendments to it and you cannot contradict the statements and information that you have already mentioned in the legal notice. It is very important that your legal notice is drafted elaborately in legal language covering all things that you demand from the opponent. Therefore, it becomes necessary to engage a qualified Advocate to draft the legal notice.

It is always advisable to reply appropriately to a Legal Notice. No Reply to a Legal Notice can be used against you by the opposite side, if it opts to proceeds to the court. The reply should be given within the stipulated time mentioned in the legal notice. If a reply is not sent for a legal notice, the other side may use it to their advantage at the time of filing of case in the Court. If you believe that the notice sent or the information in the notice is not accurate, and you need to contest and require legal help, approach a qualified lawyer who can take the necessary actions.In case you have received a legal notice, you can avail our service. We will connect you to an expert lawyer who will help you reply appropriately to the legal notice. In such a case, after considering your side of the matter, the opposite party may not proceed with the case.

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