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Suukarsh Associates is gradually being recognized as a team of best criminal lawyers in Mumbai. Our criminal lawyers in Mumbai represent clients on a variety of criminal cases. At Legaleye Associates we practice criminal law with a rare passion to succeed. Our criminal lawyers in Mumbai are recommended as being one of the best criminal lawyers in Mumbai for criminal prosecution, criminal writ petitions, urgent anticipatory bail and quashing of criminal complaints and proceedings.

In India Criminal Laws are primarily divided into three major acts i.e. Indian Penal Code, 1973, Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 and Indian Evidence Act, 1872. Briefly, Criminal Law in India, is a set of legal rules which are used to impose punishment as a result of failure to comply with the law. The rules may differ from country to country, and the acts of criminal codes are not consistent. The punishment, depending on the type of criminal offense and jurisdiction may result in execution, government supervision, sentence to jail and fines.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a court to appoint a lawyer for me?

If you are desirous of having the courts appoint you an attorney, there are certain criteria that you typically have to meet. Some courts will allow you to have a court appointed lawyer without qualification and some require that you show proof of your inability to afford

Do I need a lawyer at my arraignment?

Most cases do not require you to have a lawyer at your arraignment. However, you should definitely have spoken to a lawyer before you are required to enter your plea. Even if you don’t have an attorney present at your arraignment, the courts will proceed in giving you a formal account of your  charges

How can I find a private defense lawyer?

If you are in need of private counsel, you may be to confide in the opinion of either someone that you respect or trust, or someone that has had experience in dealing with legal issues. Moreover, there are several resources that you can use to find adequate representation. The State Bar is an excellent resource to find lawyers.

What is a private lawyer likely to cost?

There are no clear cut answers to the amount that a lawyer may charge. There are other lawyers that charge by either the complexity or the severity of your case.

Should I represent myself in a criminal case?

Most definitely not. Especially when facing potential jail time. There are many reasons why you should not represent yourself in a criminal defense case. However, the most important reason is for experience. The qualifications required to accurately defend one self in court are considerable. Even experienced lawyers rely upon other lawyers to represent them in court matters.

Can I change lawyers if I am unhappy with the one that is currently representing me?

If the lawyer that you have representing you is appointed by the courts or is a public defender, then it may be difficult to request a new lawyer without a substantial reason. However, if you have a private attorney and are not satisfied with their work, then you may request a new lawyer be placed on your case and find a new one.

What to expect from the first meeting with your solicitor?

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When do the police need a warrant to make an arrest?

Only when the police have a significant enough belief to ascertain probable cause can they execute an arrest without an arrest warrant. There are however extenuating circumstances that may give the officers right to execute and arrest without a warrant. Each state has their own rules regarding the acceptance of warrant execution.

How difficult can the police become when they are questioning a possible suspect?

If you voluntarily offer answers to police questions then that information is admissible in a court of law. If is important to note that the authorities intend to build their case against you when they are questioning you. The police are not attempting to help you by asking you questions even though they make become increasingly friendly when asking you for information.

If I was pulled over and forced to answer questions at a roadblock, is this legal?

If there was a roadblock created to pull over random vehicles and not intentionally setup to single out one vehicle, then the answer is yes. Without probable cause to believe that you may broken the law, there is not a just cause for the police to stop you and ask questions that are not in line with you constitutional rights.

Is there a way to punish a criminal before he actually commits the crime he is planning?

In some cases there is. For instance, if a person has knowing fully and willingly proposed or conspired to commit a crime, then the courts may find enough evidence to charge that person with a case of conspiracy. However, there must be sufficient evidence for this courts to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the suspect intended to carry out a criminal offense.

Are all illegal drugs treated the same way when it refers to punishment?

No, there are classifications of the different drugs based on the drugs scheduling. The offense level is determined by the classification of the illegal substance that the dealer was in possession of. For the higher classification drugs, the sentencing can be quite severe and for some of the lower classification the sentencing may not even require jail time in some states.

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